Sumerian Blood Android and PC Strategy\Action game

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Sumerian Blood is a strategy and action Android and PC game.
Much like chess, there are two armies that battle each other and move a unit each turn. Unlike chess, once two units meet on the same square, they battle out in a duel to the death.

Sumerian Blood Android and PC game has multiplayer and singleplayer modes, it has 18 different units types, each with it’s own special attack and is set in a Mesopotamia age mythology world.
The creatures in Sumerian Blood are from the Sumerian mythology and they are unlike the usual creatures you see in most fantasy games.

Sumerian Blood has a lot of replay value. Once you find the AI too easy, online play is the next step. Playing against a equally matched human player is a very enjoyable experience, since the balance and challange really shine on this kind of match.

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